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The e-Skills Match 2nd Press release featured on Joinup!!

The second press release of our project featured on Joinup. You can find it here


e-Skills Match Platform Available For Testing – Press release – Y2

The e-Skills Match project announces the availability of its demo platform for testing and users are invited to evaluate it. In a glance, with the e-Skills Match platform:

e-Skills Match featured on CEPIS latest newsletter issue!!

The Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS) July 2017 Member Update hosted an article on the e-Skills Match demo platform launch. More than 450,000 ICT professionals are part of the 32 ICT professional society network of CEPIS.

eSkills Match honored with EU’s Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Membership!

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition is a multi-stakeholder partnership involving Member States, companies, social partners, NGOs and educational establishments – to help meet the high demand for digital skills in Europe which are essential in today's digital society and economy.

eSkills Match at “Tackle what matters – Higher Education challenges”

Scaling up and improving quality using information and communication technology, was the topic of the full day event which took place in Stockholm, Sweden on Friday June 2nd and the eSkills Match project was there!

EU SURVEY- Education Training and Employment

EU SURVEY is hosting a survey that aims to understand what type of support and information people need when searching for education, training and employment.

The main goal is to modernize EU services so as to make sure that people’s needs when searching for this type of information are met. The survey is designed to understand how people find and access this support and information whether online, using technology, or through services.

The survey is intended to gather feedback from a wide range of people such as students, workers, and job-seekers as well as organisations such as education and training providers, employers/recruiters, and guidance counselors.

If you wish to complete the 5 minute, anonymous survey and help EU services stay up to date, click here.


e-Skills Match Usability Workshop by Universidad de Alcalá (UAH)

Workshops are about exchanging knowledge. They are about interacting with individuals who share the same interest in the advancement of an idea. Accordingly, the usability workshop conducted by the University of Alcalá aimed at the progression of an idea, the idea of the e-Skills Match platform.

A platform that will be dynamically adapted to changes occurring in the job labor market classifications. It will support training for acquiring the necessary e-Skills and digital competences to access the desirable jobs within the ICT sector. This means that the aforementioned platform will fill the gap of the lack of interoperability of career websites in Europe.

Specifically, on the 16th of February ICT professionals took part in the usability workshop of the e-Skills Match Platform conducted by the University of Alcalá. The workshop’s goal was to test how users interact with the platform.

The workshop was divided in three stages. During the first stage the ICT professionals were presented with general information concerning the platform’s aims and goals. Moreover, the main tools of the platform were also introduced to them so as to create a clear image of how the platform functions.

After the introductory stage, the ICT professionals proceeded to the use of the self-assessment tool. The assessment tool is one of the main features of the platform, a five section questionnaire form which consist of statements concerning the level of the user’s digital competency in a variety of ICT sectors. By the completion of the self-assessment the users were presented with their results and they got the chance to interact with the rest of the platform’s tools such as the e-Portfolio.

The final stage of the workshop revolved around the user experience. That’s when the ICT professionals rated the platform, described their experience and commented on features that may need improvement and offered their insights and suggestions.

To sum up, the workshop was a success since the fruitful interaction with the ICT professionals helps us realize how to improve the e-Skills Match Platform. A platform which we hope will make the complicated process of acquiring targeted digital competences easier!

e-Skills Match – Usability Workshop by Fondazione Politecnico di Milano(FPM)

On the 22nd of February 2017 Fondazione Politecnico di Milano conducted a usability workshop to test the e-Skills Match platform. The usability workshops are part of a series of tests run by the e-Skills Match consortium in order to ensure that the platform runs smoothly and is ready to be used by the public. The aforementioned workshop gathered 9 ICT professionals.

As with the rest of the workshops, the gathering was divided in two sections. The first section was more theoretical and it consisted of the presentation of the platform’s features and tools. After the introduction the professionals were given the chance to get more acquainted with the platform and complete their self-assessment.

The second section was more practical and it comprised of some exercises. The exercises involved filling in some questionnaires that aimed to measure the user’s satisfaction. Additionally, the ICT professionals were asked to sketch on a blank sheet of paper possible improvements for the website.

Overall, the main objective of this series of workshops is to understand the user experience, identify potential shortcomings of the demo platform and map the user journey.

e-Skills Match - Usability Workshop by ADFOR

On the 17th of February 2017 ADFOR conducted a Usability workshop of the e-Skills Match platform in order to understand the user experience, identify potential shortcomings of the demo platform and map the user journey. Altogether, 8 ICT professionals attended the workshop.

During the workshop the e-Skills Match platform was presented to the professionals. After the introduction was completed the users had the chance to interact with the demo platform and test the offered tools. The users completed their self-assessment and viewed their results.

Additionally, the participants were asked to fill in some questionnaires concerning the usability of the platform and complete some exercises in groups or individually. The purpose of these exercises was to help the developers detect the changes the platform may need to undergo.

e-Skills Match - Usability Workshops in Athens

On the 21st and 22nd of February 2017, Gov2u in collaboration with eGovlab conducted two workshops in Athens in order to test the usability of the e-Skills Match platform. The main purpose of these workshops was to understand the user experience, identify potential shortcomings of the demo platform and to map the user journey.

The first part of the workshop, during both days, consisted of the presentation of the platform by eGovlab’s staff. The main features of the platform’s usage were explained and the process of filling the Self-Assessment form and the e-Portfolio were demonstrated. Moreover, the participants had the opportunity to learn more about the job profiles and how different competences apply to each profile.

During the second part of the workshop, participants answered a 10 question survey and later on they worked either individually or in groups on 3 exercises. The questions mainly focused on the user’s experience while navigating the platform. The ICT professionals that participated in these workshops were asked to express their thoughts, expectations, feelings and let-downs while navigating through the different platform features. During the final exercise the ICT professionals were provided with blank papers in order to sketch their suggestions of how to improve the e-Skills Match platform.

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