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Amazon Education to Launch New Website for Open Education Resources

Amazon Education is working on a new platform that will allow schools to upload, manage, share, and discover open education resources from a home page that in some ways resembles the one shoppers are accustomed to accessing on the massive online retailer’s website.

School administrators learned about the site, to be called Amazon Inspire, during a “Transitioning to OER” session Friday as part of the National Conference on Education of the AASA, the School Superintendents Association, held here. The new platform is in beta testing now, and is scheduled to be released publicly within the next two to three months, according to Andrew Joseph, vice president of strategic relations for Amazon Education.

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The Conversation: Is it piracy? How students access academic resources

Academic textbooks are expensive and the cost of textbooks globally has continued to rise alarmingly even as other educational resources have become relatively cheaper. For students, open educational resources should make more sense – certainly financially. But, globally, the uptake of such resources is low.

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The Short-Sighted Use of Social Media in International Development

For those of us working in the field of international development, it has almost become a given that we need to be using social media to engage and share with the individuals we are supposed to be serving. And understandably so.

As more people come online, most of their first stops are on social media platforms. Certainly then, it makes sense that we would jump at the opportunity to increase our ability to share positive health messaging or educational content, for example, through these channels as well.

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e-Skills Match published its first Press Release to media!

Announcing its launch, the press release aims to raise visibility and awareness about the project and present its scope. Vasilis Koulolias, the Project Coordinator from Stockholm University, gives his point of view about this innovative project.

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Employability Skills 2000+: The skills you need to enter, stay in, and progress in the world of work

These skills can also be applied and used beyond the workplace in a range of daily activities.

  • Fundamental Skills
  • Personal Management Skills
  • Teamwork Skills, etc.

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Psychometric testing to help you find the appropriate job candidate

Many jobs attract a large number of applications and employers need to assess batches of candidates in a fair and effective way so that they can decide which candidates to interview. Psychometric tests enable employers to select candidates in a way that is fair and impartial based on an extensive job analysis and review of the skills and qualities required to perform effectively in the role. There are several different types of test and employers will often use more than one type depending on the requirements of the job.

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"Skilling up for the future of Europe" - eSkills for Jobs 2016 high-level conference on March 16 in The Hague, Netherlands

How to make sure that more Europeans have the right digital skills to participate in the connected economy and future of Europe? The eSkills high-level conference, which will take place on March 16 in The Hague, will discuss the key actions needed to develop the digital and key enabling technologies (KET) skills required to fuel the economy, jobs and growth in Europe.

As technologies are the key enabler of the fourth industrial revolution and new disruptive business models are created, it is essential for European companies to develop highly digitally skilled employees who can contribute to the digital future of Europe. Yet, the digital challenge requires joint forces and well-coordinated approach between institutions, business and society at large. Action is needed on every level across industries.

Digital is for everyone! eSkills for Jobs invites you to join the debate in this endeavour and to participate at our conference.

See the details of the #eSkillsNL conference

Education and Training Monitor 2015: have a look at the 2015 country reports!

Education and Training Monitor 2015: have a look at the 2015 country reports!

The Education and Training Monitor is an annual series that captures the evolution of Europe's education and training systems by bringing together a wide array of evidence in one digestible report.

The Education and Training Monitor 2015 puts the spotlight on education priorities most in need of investment and identifies policies that help improve the inclusiveness, quality and relevance of Europe's education and training systems.

The Commission published the fourth annual edition of the Education and Training Monitor in November 2015. The full report, including a ten-page summary that combines cross-national and country-specific findings,can be found here.

Erasmus+: Providing more and better opportunities to support Europe's future generations

Erasmus+: Providing more and better opportunities to support Europe's future generations

In its first year, Erasmus+, the bigger and more fit-for-purpose programme for education, training, youth and sport, is already living up to expectations.

With a budget of over €2 billion in its initial year, Erasmus+ has already offered more than one million people the opportunity to take part in 18,000 funded projects. More flexible opportunities for collaboration across sectors are also helping Europe's education, training, youth and sport systems to try out innovative practices and contribute to reform and modernisation.

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“Who-is-Who”: get to know our e-Skills Match Consortium partners

“Who-is-Who”: get to know our e-Skills Match Consortium partners

The project’s consortium comprises of five partners with long experience and expertise in the project’s field of activity, as well as well-qualified working teams that will implement the project’s objectives during its 24-month period.

Find out who are the partners and learn more about them!

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