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Petya Kapchina was one of the first motivated people who examined information about trainings and applied for a training with IT Talents a stakeholder of the eSkills for Jobs in Bulgaria. Later on her application was approved and she started a training, finished in May 2016 successfully and is currently working as a junior developer. Within few months Petya has totally changed her career, read the inspiring interview.

How have you decided to learn programming?

In the time of graduation, I started looking for my first serious job - it was as a human resources assistant. It was interesting, but I did not feel satisfaction from what I did. The working time passed slowly, and I needed bigger challenges in terms of operational tasks. So I gave an overview of the things that excited me from school. I’ve always been good at mathematics in high school and university and mathematics was among my favorite subjects. And this directed me to programming. Then in August 2015 I talked with Mrs. Vessela Kalacheva in her capacity as CEO of BAIT and national coordinator of eSkills for Jobs in Bulgaria. In a conversation, she told me about the present opportunities for retraining the eSkills for Jobs campaign provided and IT Talents emerged as the best alternative in my case.

Did you have a basic knowledge of programming before the IT Talents training?

I graduated Mathematics High School and we have been taught some basic things about programming, but the next four years at university I was very far from this field, my knowledge was zero at the first lecture of the training camp.

Read her full interview here

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