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How to make sure that more Europeans have the right digital skills to participate in the connected economy and future of Europe? The eSkills high-level conference, which will take place on March 16 in The Hague, will discuss the key actions needed to develop the digital and key enabling technologies (KET) skills required to fuel the economy, jobs and growth in Europe.

As technologies are the key enabler of the fourth industrial revolution and new disruptive business models are created, it is essential for European companies to develop highly digitally skilled employees who can contribute to the digital future of Europe. Yet, the digital challenge requires joint forces and well-coordinated approach between institutions, business and society at large. Action is needed on every level across industries.

Digital is for everyone! eSkills for Jobs invites you to join the debate in this endeavour and to participate at our conference.

See the details of the #eSkillsNL conference

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