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This year Telecentre Europe's flagship campaign Get Online Week reached 122,000 Europeans across 27 countries. From all those involved in campaign activities, around 79,000 were young people and 12,000 were unemployed. A record number of 29 campaign partners organised more than 5,100 various activities and promoted the campaign in their countries.

The seventh edition of the European Get Online Week (GOW) to digitally empower and employ people was celebrated on 14-20 March this year. With a record number of 29 campaign partners involved in 27 countries, the campaign proved again the necessity to raise awareness about ICT competence and the importance to see every European digitally savvy. European GOW 2016 was again part of eSkills for Jobs to tackle youth unemployment.

This year’s campaign focused around two themes: trust and confidence, and digital jobs. The overall aim was to engage and empower people to use technology and the Internet with confidence and skills that allow them to benefit of the world of online opportunities. Also, it brought stakeholders together at national and local level to provide training and support to youth and unemployed towards digital careers.

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