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Swift is an intuitive programming language that is easy and fun to learn! With it you can create amazing iOS apps and speed up your career as a developer! Interested to get your hands on Swift? Join the eSkills competitions and get a chance to win a 12.5K scholarship with the App Academy in Amsterdam!

If you are not yet familiar with Swift, here is some information that will make you want to get started right away!

  • You can experiment with Swift code in "Playgrounds": one of Swift's most interesting features is an interactive environment called a Playground. This tool lets you see the effects of changes or additions to code as you type, without going through the time-consuming rigmarole of running the code through the compiler and executing it.
  • Swift offers type inference: coders don't need to spend time annotating variables with type information and risk making mistakes; in most cases, the compiler can infer the type from the value that a variable is being set with.
  • Swift introduces Generics: these are functions that can be reused with different variable types without being rewritten for each type.

eSkills competition: Innovative App Developer category

Now that you know about Swift, what are you waiting for to take the next step as an app developer? Submit your project for the Innovative App Developer category and get the chance to win a 12.5K scholarship with the App Academy in Amsterdam. Deadline for submission of entries is 31 July 2016!

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