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Tertiary education institutes (hochschule and university college) and ICT training specialists from across Europe are creating a course to train students to help small and medium-sized enterprises select and use open source cloud services. The course will be tested on Spanish and British exchange students working for SMEs in the two countries.

Having completed the course successfully, students must know how to determine the ICT needs of SMEs, select the best open source tools or cloud services that meet those needs, and be able to implement and configure the solutions. Examples of services include creating and hosting company websites, reducing the costs of management, and improving customer relations.

The trainings are developed by tertiary education institutes in Remmen (Norway), Skovde (Sweden) and Berlin (Germany), working with ICT training organisations and public administrations in Madrid (Spain) and Sheffield (UK). The two-year project received a EUR 200,000 grant from the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme. Cisoss started in September, and the project will end in August 2017.

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