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Being a digital native does not necessarily mean going online daily. So what exactly makes you be one? Digital natives may not be inevitably tech savvy, but their sense of knowledge of what's going on both digitally and culturally is what sets them up to be natives.

Marc Prensky, best known as the inventor and popularizer of the terms “digital native” and “digital immigrant” in 2001, told Mashable: “Digital immigrants are people who grew up in one digital culture and moved into another. Digital natives are people who grew up in one culture. They don’t have two cultures to compare.”

However, the term has evolved ever since. According to Lee Rainie of Pew Research Center, its meaning is now hotly debated. He explains that many definitions have emerged and they are often fairly contested.

“A native is someone who is totally aware and understands technology,” adds the center’s Director of Internet, Science and Technology. Rainie points out that many scholars and analysts believe even though digital natives are good at using platforms and social media, they don't necessarily always know how to code or how these apps work.

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