Benefits of e-learning

Tailored to your needs

Online course providers offer custom made programmes which allow you to optimize your learning experience.


Seek and you shall find!

Disappointed that your local uni does not have the course you seek? Worry no more, as you are sure to find it online. No matter what degree of education you’re pursuing, you can always participate in an online programme that will be in accordance with your future aspirations.



Online training not only provides flexibility in the courses you choose allowing for maximum optimization but also enable flexibility in attendance. With online learning you can continue to attend classes while still remaining active in your responsibilities and day to day life. Online Learning is available to everyone, everywhere, anytime!


Cost effective

Online programmes are generally more affordable but even the bit more pricey ones are still regarded as a value for money when you consider the indirect costs of attending a traditional class. You save big on housing, commuting and materials!



Commitment is a main ingredient to this alternative method of learning! The methods offered by most online course providers aim to be interactive and resourceful in order to give you that extra nudge when slacking off is the easy way to go! Learning to commit to your goals is the best way to success.


Worldwide networking

Online learning is not location bound and this means that you have the opportunity to learn and collaborate with peers from different geographical locations and cultures!


Ever evolving

e-Learning is fueled by technology. This means that as technology evolves online learning evolves as well! Courses are paced and up to date, offering the latest education methods that place you, the student, at the forefront of technology.



Pursuing knowledge in any shape and form is always an asset when searching for a new job. Having an online course certificate shows that you are an up to date, tech savvy professional that is open to furthering your field of knowledge.

Are online courses the ticket to boosting your e-skills?   The benefits are plenty; but how prepared are you to kick start your online learning experience?
We have gathered some tips that will set you off on a smooth course!


Tip #1- Get in the mood 

Find that one thing that best sets you in the mood to study. Maybe you like to go for a walk or a jog to clear your mind before studying; or perhaps it’s the aroma of coffee or tea that motivates you.  Even if it’s the sounds of the beat of your favorite music that will set you in the right frame of mind, just do it!  Trigger the senses that will boost your mind and body to study mode.


Tip #2- Designate a specific time and place

Procrastination has a way to creep in-don’t let it! Design a schedule and stick to it throughout the course. Pick your study spot away from distractions. Don’t forget to let your friends and family know that you are in “class” and not to be disturbed.


Tip #3- Design your schedule and stick to it

Don’t let the “convenience” and “flexibility” of online learning fool you. Plan your study sessions, allocating study time daily or weekly based on the duration of your course.  Keep in mind that it is better to study a few hours each day than to cram everything all at once! Studies show that information gained in small amounts and with consistence is knowledge well learnt. Pulling all-nighters will not only exhaust you but will also result in superficial knowledge. Get in the habit of learning step-by-step and learning it well!


Tip #4- Plan ahead

Carefully review the course syllabus that you’re about to sign on. This will give you an edge over time and requirements.  If your course calls for weekly assignments you will be able to adapt your weekly schedule and make time for study and research. This will assist you to avoid work overload and falling behind! Don’t skip deadlines; turn your work in on time.


Tip #5- Stay focused

Treat online learning as a class away from class!  Would you answer your phone or chat online while in class?  Hopefully your answer is no.  Learn to respect your time and effort.  There are a number of online tools that you can use to time-block social media during your designated time of study. Treat it as attending a traditional class but in a revolutionary kind of way!


Tip #6-Take notes

Keeping notes is a vital part of any learning experience.  Find the tools that best suit you to highlight the key points of your studies. Find what works best for you and do it!


Tip #7- Seek and you shall find

Just because you’re not in a traditional class doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t voice your queries during the course. They say technology is the cure to shyness, so take advantage of it!  If you have subject questions be sure to ask them and gain the full value of your course. 


Tip #8- Network with your peers

A great way to motivate yourself to study is to get in touch with other students attending the same course as you.  Engaging in discussion with others will lead to better understanding of topics.  Whether it’s by connecting online or at a local spot, you can exchange ideas and share views on your course of study.  Plan study sessions and motivate each other to gain better understanding throughout the course.


Tip #9-Don’t give up

When the going gets tough the tough get going!  Rest assured that every beginning has it’s milestones but soon you’ll master the art of e-Learning!


Share your tips! 

We’d love to hear and share with your e-peers your personal tips and experiences.  

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